What Goes Around, Comes Around

When I was in high school, my youth group put on a Sweetheart Dinner every year for the adults in the congregation.  We set up tables in the basement of the church, decorated the place with Valentine’s Day decor, prepared a meal, and provided entertainment for our guests with skits, jokes, and music.  It was always a busy day full of hard work, but I remember working the Sweetheart Dinner with fondness.

This weekend the youth group here is doing their Sweetheart Dinner.  Since their dinner is done in three shifts, my husband is able to duck out of a shift so he can dine with me.  Oddly enough, I’m actually a little bit excited to attend the dinner.  This will be the first church activity I attend as an adult that I can say, “Hey, I used to be on the other side of this event!”  I’m looking forward to being the adult!


One Comment on “What Goes Around, Comes Around”

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