My (Sort Of) Pregnancy Scare

To fully understand this story, you first need to know that I have red hair that my grandfather used to describe as, “Bright as a copper penny.”  As far as my physical features go, my hair stands out the most.  Seriously, sometimes it looks like my head has burst into flames.

On Saturday night, my husband and I sat with Pastor and Pastor’s Wife at the youth group’s Sweetheart Dinner.  While chatting with Pastor and Pastor’s Wife is enjoyable, sometimes it is a bit difficult to follow their train of thought–they have a tendency to rapidly jump from topic to topic.  Anyway, after we had finished our dinner, Pastor left our table to socialize with other members of the congregation.  My husband and I were conversing nicely with Pastor’s Wife when we reached a natural lull in the conversation.  However, the lull began to extend to an awkward silence and I tried to think of something to say.

Suddenly, Pastor’s Wife says, “I can’t wait to see pictures of your babies.”  I stared at her and my thoughts started running rapidly through my head.  First thought: I’m pregnant?!  When did that happen?  Wait, why does Pastor’s Wife know I’m pregnant before I do?  That doesn’t make any sense.  Oh, okay, I’m not pregnant.  Then I started thinking, Wait, does she think I’m pregnant?  Why would she think that?  Did I say something to make her think I’m pregnant?  How do I tactfully tell her that we’re not having a baby right now?  Or is she implying that I should be pregnant?  Is this one of those ticking biological clock lectures?  By this time only a few seconds had passed but I had started to open and close my mouth like a fish at her and my husband.

Pastor’s Wife then said, “Your kids will have the prettiest red hair.”  My husband burst into laughter

Apparently her thought was simply that there was a good chance that our future children would have red hair.  No thoughts about me being pregnant, no thoughts that I should be pregnant.  A harmless comment.

We then steered the conversation toward red beards and genetics.  After we returned home, my husband laughed again and said, “I haven’t seen you so flabbergasted by a baby comment before!”


2 Comments on “My (Sort Of) Pregnancy Scare”

  1. haha! I thought the way she did, that just your future children will have bright red hair. Eric and I talk about our future children all the time, even though it's not happening anytime soon : )

  2. Katrina says:

    I think if we had been talking about hair or babies prior to her comment I would have better understood her thought–it was just so unexpected! :)We're trying to wait for children as well–at least until my husband is done with school. If I don't work next year while he's back to being a full-time student, we won't have a steady income besides loans. But I always add the caveat that God also has His own plans when it comes to things like babies!

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