Social Anxiety: Good for an Occasional Laugh

Yesterday was my husband’s day off, so we drove over to the bigger town to do some errands.  One of those errands included going to the bank so my husband could deposit his pay check and we could transfer some money between accounts.  Since the closest branch of our bank is a thirty minute drive, I do most of the in-person banking.  At this point, I’m fairly used to the tellers and some even recognize me.  Since I’m used to the bank now, it doesn’t fall in the category of “Difficult Social Situations.”  However, my husband hardly ever goes to the bank (he often mails in his checks) and has rarely talked to one of the tellers here.  He also doesn’t realize that I often deposit my checks in person, not through the ATM.

On our way into the bank, my husband asked, “Do they have an ATM inside?”

“Um, yeah, I think so,” I replied.

“Good.  I don’t want to interact with people, so I’ll deposit my check there!”

I paused, looked up at him, and sweetly asked, “Why do I have to go talk to the teller?  I’m the one with a medical condition making social interaction difficult.”  My husband looked sheepish, sighed, and started walking towards the lobby.  That’s when I started laughing. 

Okay, not one of my nicer moments, but I figure if I have to struggle in many social situations (*cough* Church *cough, cough*), I might as well have some fun with it.


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