This Winter’s Game

One of the downsides of being a nanny is that I still have to work when the kids are sick.  There is no luxury of sending the child home, I get to stay with the little harbinger of germs until a parent returns from work.  Likewise, I don’t get a day off if I am sick (okay, admittedly I haven’t been deathly ill yet, so I could probably pull off a sick day if I was hospitalized or something), so catching an illness while caring for a sick child is a valid concern.

However, I have now decided that I’m playing a game of “How Many Germs Can I Expose Myself to Without Getting Sick.”  Since I don’t work full time this year, I’ve also decided the game includes any direct contact with someone who becomes ill.  So far this winter I’ve been exposed to some sort of virus that causes a fever, stomach flu, influenza, strep throat, pink eye, and various colds.  I’ve only contracted the stomach flu.  Illnesses: 1  Me: 5

I’m winning!


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