The Baby Question

One of the ways our vicarage congregation supports the seminary is by providing financial assistance to a seminarian from Ghana.  The congregation adores their adoptive seminarian and are thrilled whenever he visits.  This quarter, their seminarian graduated and will now return to Ghana to serve as a professor and pastor.  Happily for the congregation, last weekend he was able to visit one last time before heading back to Africa.  Even more exciting for the congregation, he was able to introduce his wife to them for the first time.

During Bible study time last Sunday, the congregation had an opportunity to ask their seminarian and his wife questions.  There were some work focused questions like “How many students will you have?” and “How long will it take for you to complete your well?” when one of congregation members bluntly asked, “So, when are you two going to start having kids?”  Their seminarian took a moment to compose himself and made a lovely answer about how God already knows their future children and how he and his wife already pray for their children.

Meanwhile, I’m in the back of the room laughing because it’s nice to see that other young couples get asked the Baby Question at incredibly awkward times.  Really, my laughter was only out of solidarity (mostly).


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