Boxes, Boxes, Everywhere

Last year I wrote about box hoarding for our move.  Not much has changed this year:  there is another move coming and more boxes are needed.  The only thing different this year is that because we utilize all three floors of our house, I had to organize our storage space better.  Consequently, boxes are now scattered throughout the basement.  Come take a tour!

The Wall ‘o Packing Materials in the storage/laundry drying room:

Then we move into the laundry room where some boxes are hidden in a cubby area:

Venturing further into the laundry room, we find boxes stuffed next to the water heater (I’m not really sure if they should be there. . .):

Then moving into the garage, we find more boxes starting sprawl across the counter and floor:

There you have it, the beginning preparations of Moving Day 2013!  Question for those preparing for yet another move this year:  How do you get enough boxes for moving?


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