Well, That Explains A Lot

Do you ever have a household task that you think to yourself, “Am I the only one capable of fixing this?!”  Refilling the soap dispenser is one of those tasks for me.  It feels like I am the only one to ever refill it.  Seriously, it’s like my husband purposely ignores that you have to pound on it twenty times to get soap to come out.

Today I was washing my hands when I noticed that the soap dispenser was almost empty.  Again.  Finally getting fed up with always feeling like I was the one refilling the soap, I went upstairs and bluntly asked my husband, “Could you possibly refill the soap?”

“Yeah,” he replied, “Where is the soap to refill it with?”

I grabbed the giant handsoap bottle out of our cleaning cabinet.  “Right here where I’ve been putting it since we moved.”

“Oh, I didn’t know we had that.”

“I’ve been buying these bottles since we got married!”

My husband defiantly* said, “I never knew we were doing that.”  Apparently, my feeling that I was the only one refilling the soap dispensers wasn’t just an irritated delusion–it was reality.   

*I was going to put that he said this sheepishly, but my husband wanted me to write that he said it defiantly.  Apparently he stands by his ignorance.


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