Spring Has Abandoned Us

This is what our St. Patrick’s Day is going to look like.
Remember about two weeks ago when I talked about spring coming?  Yeah, that was a lie; spring has abandoned us up here in the North.  If anything, it’s getting colder rather than warmer.  Yesterday we got about four more inches of snow and more is predicted on Monday.  I think tomorrow will be the coldest St. Patrick’s Day that I can remember.

The 5-day forecast for this week from The Weather Channel

On the other hand, there have been little signs that winter might be abating.  Ice fishing shanties no longer stand on the lakes.  The sun continues to climb higher in the sky and set later in the day.  I haven’t worn long underwear in a couple of weeks (although I won’t pack them up yet, I might need them come Wednesday!).  Someday, I might even see grass in our yard.  I’m just not sure that it will be before Easter.


One Comment on “Spring Has Abandoned Us”

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