Our Cheap-o Date

Cheap dates for seminary couples are a must have–most couples can’t afford the lavish outings when thousands of dollars are being put into tuition.  While my husband and I do occasionally spring for an expensive date, we’re usually careful about how we pay for it.  For example, in January we spent a couple of days at a B&B about an hour away.  I was a little bit flabbergasted at how much we spent on our get away, but we had been saving for a vacation for almost two years–we had the money (we also learned that maybe we should try to get away as a couple a little more often so we won’t feel like we need to make every vacation an epic romantic getaway).  Last month, we went to see Twelfth Night in the Big City.  Live professional theater is generally expensive, so we paid for our tickets via a gift certificate and Christmas money–the tickets didn’t come out of our monthly income.

However, what we do struggle to find are creative, inexpensive dates that we can do on a regular basis.  My husband and I are homebodies, so it’s difficult for both of us to find the energy and gumption to try something new.  Yet we realize that it’s also not good for our relationship to stay in every evening and weekend watching movies and reading books.  We get stuck in a rut.  Consequently, this year we’ve been putting more effort into the whole date thing.
During the summer and early fall, there is plenty for us to do for free.  We both like hiking, so we can easily spend an afternoon exploring a state park or walking on the trails that wind through town.  However, cheap dates are harder to come by once cold weather sets in, especially in a little town like this.  Stores close earlier in the lull of winter and the great outdoors no longer seem so great when your toes start tingling in your boots after spending 10 minutes outside.  Now that April has arrived and the temperatures are showing very little signs of warming, we’re starting to get desperate for new, inexpensive dates.

Yesterday, my husband came up with a wonderful date idea:  Buy a new board game from Target (yes, you know you live in a small town when a trip to Target is considered part of a date) and play it a new coffee shop.  The afternoon turned out surprisingly pleasant–we found Mancala at Target and went to a coffee shop we hadn’t visited before to play our new game.  Even better, the pleasant afternoon turned out pleasantly cheap.  Here’s how the costs broke down:

Mancala:  $5.50
Coffee:  $6.25 (I splurged by getting some fancy-pants coffee)
Gas:  $5.00 ish

Total:  $16.75

There you have it; less than $20.00 for a simple, enjoyable date.  Even better, we could do this for even less money by buying a used board game or making a simple board game and by getting basic coffee instead of the super expensive (but oh-so-delicious) mocha.

How often do you go on a date with your spouse?  What sorts of things do you do for inexpensive dates?  


2 Comments on “Our Cheap-o Date”

  1. Kayla Welton says:

    We used to eat a light dinner and then after the kids went to bed have a real dinner date at home. 🙂

  2. Katrina says:

    That's a good way to get in a date without having to pay a babysitter! My college pastor and his wife said that they did something like that weekly to make sure they had time together. 🙂

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