How I Know When I Need to Leave the House

I spend many hours by myself during the week.  Some days I handle my alone time without much difficulty–I  have come to appreciate the sound of silence and I try to monitor my behaviors so I am aware of when I’ve spent too much time alone.  However, there are weeks when I get lax.  I stop paying attention to how much time I spend with others and start creating my own little world inside my house.  That’s when things get weird.

Consequently, I’ve compiled a list of some signs of when I need to leave the house:

1.  When I start having imaginary intimate conversations with people.

2.  When putting on my shoes to go outside starts to seem like too much effort.

3.  When I can count on one hand the number of people I’ve interacted with in person that week.
4.  When I start to spend hours and hours on my computer, especially if I’m looking a pictures of cute animals.

5.  When I start making inanimate objects talk to each other (potholders are the best for this activity!).
6.  When I start greeting my husband in the same manner that a Labrador puppy would when he comes home from work.
7.  When I say something so crazy and nonsensical that my husband tells me. . .

If these things start happening, then I know that it’s time to leave the house and experience reality.

How do you know when you’ve spent too much time alone?  Does it happen often?


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