Life Questions

Since my husband was out of town this weekend, I decided to make the 7 hour trek south to visit my parents.  This was my first time returning home without my husband since we got married.  Consequently, I slept in my twin bed that I used in college.  The bed was placed in the same room (in fact, the exact same spot) I slept in from ages 5-11.

Returning to the place where I spent my childhood can lead to nostalgia.  Returning to my old college bed can bring back the memories of a motivated young woman who was going to change the world.  Add in the fact that I will turn 25 in a little over a month, and I had the perfect conditions to start having a mid-20s life crisis that apparently happens when you turn a quarter century old.

Many questions could have floated through my mind this past weekend.  What have I achieved in 25 years?  What do I want to do with the rest of my life?  Do I want a career?  How does the fact that I am married work with these plans?  Am I living up to my potential?  Do I even have potential?  Big questions to settle in a weekend.  Instead, I focused on the one I felt the most:  How on earth did I manage to sleep on such an uncomfortable mattress for 3 years in college?!

Okay, the mattress only cost $75 brand-new, so you can’t expect much quality.  Still,
the thing is like sleeping on cement with pebbles scattered all over it.  I must have been
insane in college.



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