Spring Has Abandoned Us, Part 3

In April, I posted this comic on my Facebook wall:

At the time, one of my friends asked what would happen if we got to May and it was still snowing.  Really, I didn’t think that to be a real problem.  However, today I woke up to a half-inch of snow on the ground (and yesterday a town 20 miles east of here got 12 inches of snow).  It’s May 3.
So, to answer my friend’s question, this is what happens when it snows in May:
I don’t actually want to live in Florida, but it is starting to sound a little more appealing.

Just as an aside, whenever I talk about “us” getting a call, I really mean my husband getting a call.  I’m not called by the synod to do diddly squat.  However, due to the fact that my husband’s future call (God willing) will greatly affect my life, I sometimes refer to his call as “our” call.  


One Comment on “Spring Has Abandoned Us, Part 3”

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