The Confirmation Crisis

This week brought another “Oh, crap” moment (which really aren’t that uncommon for me).  On Tuesday, my husband came home with an invitation to a baptism party.  My husband and I agreed that we could attend, so I started thinking about what we should bring.  Did custom dictate that we bring a gift?  Could we get by with just a card?  Do people bring anything to baptism parties?  I didn’t know, so I asked my husband to ask Pastor what he does about these sorts of parties.

The next day, my husband came home for lunch and told me, “Pastor said that just bringing a card to a confirmation party would be fine.”

Confirmation party?  Who said anything about a confirmation party?  Then the proverbial light bulb went off:

Confirmation Sunday is this weekend and we were invited to one of the confirmand’s party.  It never even occurred to me that we should do something for the confirmands!  Crap, crap, crap!
Thankfully, we live in an area full of Lutherans (not LC-MS, mind you), so the local drugstore carried a few confirmation cards, so we were able to buy a couple of confirmation cards and a baptism card.  Now I’m trying to find a more cost effective way to find confirmation and baptism cards online–I haven’t found anything worth buying yet.
If you are a pastor or pastor’s wife (or even a PK), what does your family do for occasions like baptisms and confirmations?


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