Church Nomads


This past weekend, my husband and I traveled to one of our support congregations so he could preach at their Sunday service.  Consequently, I was filling out the guest portion of the attendance card.  I quickly jotted down our names and address but paused as I reached the last line.

Home church.

Home church?  Where is my home church?

Technically speaking, my home church is in Iowa at the same church where my family worships.  That is the church where my name is registered as a member.  However, I haven’t worshiped regularly in this church in the last 7 years.  First I was away at college, then I married a seminarian who has us bouncing all around the Midwest.  Consequently, the pastors at this church have no regular contact with me.  It’s a difficult for them to be my shepherd when I live 6.5 hours away.

Of course, then there’s my husband’s field work church.  I worshiped regularly there for 2 years and we plan to return to this church when we head back to the seminary.  But I’m not a member at that church, nor have I worshiped there for almost a year.    Then there’s our vicarage church, where I have worshiped this year.  Likewise, the pastor here has had the most contact with me in recent months–he’s my pastor by proxy.  But we’ll leave this church soon.

Add on the fact that my husband’s home church (the church where he’s a registered member) isn’t the same as my home church, and that question of  Where’s your home church? always makes my brain fizzle.  The fizzling is usually followed by a twinge of sadness as I realize that while I belong to the church, I don’t belong to church.

I finally settled with writing down our vicarage church as my home church.  I then thought longlingly of next summer when (hopefully) we’ll have a home church once again.


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