Moving Update: Six and a Half Weeks Out

This week I finally managed to reserve a moving truck, so it looks like we’ll be loading the truck on July 24 and heading back to the seminary on July 25.  Most likely we’ll split the drive into 2 days, but that hasn’t been officially decided yet.

This year I promised myself that I’m not going to freak out about packing.  I’ve decided panic packingthat my last day of work will be July 12, giving me over a week and a half to pack up our house (not that my work schedule puts a lot of strain on my time).  That means I’m avoiding putting things in boxes unless I’m absolutely sure that we will not need it before we move.  Consequently, I’ve officially packed 2 boxes of Christmas decorations and a box of empty beer bottles that my husband wants to save for his beer-making endeavors (remember kids, packing is all about priorities).  I’ve also started the thrift shop donation box.

Despite my postponement on the actual packing, there are other signs that we’re preparing to move.  My husband is trying to make sure he completes or delegates any of his ongoing projects.  I’m started to think of all of the businesses and companies we need to call about changing our address.  I also decreed this week that is pointless to continue flattening our empty boxes because we’ll just be taping them back together next month.  Consequently, the extra bedroom upstairs as been claimed as the new box room.  I’ve also started looking at our things again in terms of whether or not we want to move it.

But the real challenge comes when my husband and I think about removing our emotional ties from our vicarage.  Despite knowing that we were never going to stay here, despite my laments just 10 months ago about being miserable, despite the challenges we’ve faced this past year, this little town has become our home.  It’s difficult to think about saying goodbye to our home (again).


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