Our Book Table

table of books

My husband and I have a coffee table in our living room, but we never put coffee cups on it.  Instead, we use it as a bookshelf.  It started innocently enough–at first we only put books on there that we were currently reading.  However, as this year has gone on, we’ve started piling books on the coffee table that we are reading, think that we might like to read, or books that we have pulled out for reference.

Yesterday I realized that we had cluttered up the coffee table with a huge pile of books (again).  Likewise, I noticed that we had an interesting conglomeration of topics.  Consequently, I decided to note all the titles of all the books on our coffee table:

-The Highly Sensitive Person
-The Lutheran Service Book (Gift Edition)
-The Two Towers
-ESV Bible (Note taking edition)
-The Lord Will Answer: A Daily Prayer Catechism
-I Trust When Dark My Road: A Lutheran View of Depression 
-Cooking for Geeks
-And She Was Christian: Why Do Believers Commit Suicide?
-The Introvert Advantage
-The Introvert's Way
-Blogging for Dummies
-I Judge You When You Use Poor Grammar
-The Silmarillian
-Broken: 7 "Christian" Rules that Every Christian Ought to Break as Often as Possible
-The Lutheran Study Bible

I didn’t even count the books that had piled up on our end tables.  Sheesh.  Anyway, as I put away some of our books, I decided that perhaps a better way of keeping books out is to have an empty bookshelf (or at least an empty shelf or two) in our living room.  That way we could put books were weren’t immediately reading on the empty shelves and not clutter up the coffee table.  There is a practical aspect to this solution as well–it’s easier to pull a book off a shelf than to move around piles of books to get to the one I want.  I would try to implement this system immediately, but it seems silly to rearrange our books since we’re moving in about a month.

And for those of you concerned that I don’t understand the joy of being surrounded by books, don’t worry–There are still six or seven books strewn across the coffee table (even after I “cleaned up”).  🙂

What do you use as a pseudo-bookshelf?  


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