Why Vacationing in Iowa is Great

I’m visiting my parents this week while my husband is in San Antonio for the National Youth Gathering.  Some may say that Iowa is an unexciting place to vacation, but I say that they just haven’t experienced the Iowa I know and love.  So here are 5 great reasons to vacation in Iowa (not that I’m biased):

1.  Amazing sweetcorn 


Because you haven’t lived until you’ve bought corn from a vendor on the side of the road in Iowa.

2.  Fireflies


Admittedly, this isn’t limited to Iowa, but watching their little butts light up in a cornfield is a beautiful sight.

3.  Whitey’s 


No, I’m not being racist.  Whitey’s is a great ice cream joint that you should indulge in if you are ever in Eastern Iowa.  Yum!

4.  The rolling hills of fields


I’ve seen mountains and I’ve seen an ocean, but nothing is quite as pretty to me as the green fields of Iowa.

5.  Lots of family and friends to visit



Need I say more?  Now, if only my husband was here and I could declare this a great vacation.


Where is your favorite place to visit?  Why?


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