Baby or Car?

car or babyThere’s a joke around the seminary that couples return from vicarage with either a new baby or a new-to-them car.  So far, my husband and I have not been visited by the stork during our stay in the North.  With only two weeks left on vicarage, it seems highly improbable that we will have a baby in tow when we head back to the seminary.  That leaves coming back with a new car.

While neither one of our cars seem like they are going to break down at any moment, I’m keeping a careful eye on my husband’s car.  Two and a half years ago, I had a serious discussion with it after having 3 costly repairs in a five month period.  I told the car we were going to get rid of it if it misbehaved anymore.  I know it sounds crazy, but I think it understood me.  Since that discussion, we have put very little money into that car besides the usual upkeep payments.

I suppose I should be thankful that the car has caused us so little problems, especially since my old car unexpectedly died on me.  However, it caused us so many problems two and a half years ago that I’m suspicious of it.  Really, I think the car is biding its time until it can break down at a really inconvenient moment.

husband car

I’m envisioning the car breaking down as we try to drive it onto the car carrier on the morning that we begin our move.  Of course, that would mean we technically wouldn’t come back from vicarage with a new car; we would just have one less car. Still, it would be annoying.

Did you come back from vicarage with a new car, baby, or neither one?


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  2. […] husband and I safely made it back to the seminary on Friday afternoon.  So did both cars and our silverware (which technically isn’t silverware, I just refer to any sort of eating […]

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