Marriage Means You Have Someone to Take Your Crazy-Person Requests

Being married definitely has its perks–I have someone to split household chores with, I never have to go on awkward first date, and I no longer have to worry about finding roommates.  One of the best things about being married, aside from all that mushy stuff like loving each other and whatnot, is that I have someone to take my crazy-person requests.

Now, you may wonder what a crazy-person request is.  It’s actually fairly self-explanatory:  A crazy-person request is a request that is so ridiculous that you would never ask another person besides your spouse to do it.  My crazy-person requests have included going for an evening walk in 10 degree weather, limiting paper towel use, and refusing to get the mail when there are wasps around the mailbox.  With any other person I would let these things go.  With my husband I ask sweetly or demand loudly that my request be heard.

Nothing brings up the crazy-person requests more than preparing to move.  At this point, my husband knows that it’s better for him to just go along with these requests rather than try to reason through my stress.  The only times he refuses my crazy-person requests is when they make absolutely no sense, like the time I tried insisting we start deep cleaning our house when we didn’t have any electricity:

completely insane

At the time, deep cleaning seemed to make perfect sense when we had guests coming in 3 days.

This move has proven the consistency of my crazy-person requests.  Last Sunday I began to start seriously packing.  After carefully wrapping and boxing our decorations, I realized that I didn’t have anywhere on the main floor to stash the full boxes.  I then looked into on of the side rooms and decided that if we moved the guest bed upstairs, I could  stack packed boxes in that room.  The only downside was that my husband and I had moved the bed once before when making sleeping arrangements for our post-Christmas visitors and I had told him that we probably wouldn’t need to move the bed back upstairs.  But clearly the bed had to leave the room so I could fulfill my vision of neatly organized boxes in one room.  I went to my husband to tell him my plan:


Stack the boxes on the bed?  STACK THE BOXES ON THE BED?!  Admittedly, that would work but it wouldn’t be as organized.  Didn’t he see how wonderful a pile of carefully stacked boxes would be on moving day?  I decided to make my viewpoint clear:


He gave me a look that said, “Are you serious?!”  I gave him a look that said, “I’m not budging on this.”

stare down

And that’s why we moved the guest bed back upstairs 2.5 weeks before we move.

moving matress

In my defense, we aren’t taking the bed with us when we move.  Also, see how neat the pile of boxes are!

0709131801 (1)

I suppose I should also acknowledge that I have an awesome husband who takes my crazy-person requests.

Do you make crazy-person requests to your spouse?  What are they?  If you are single, do you have someone to make crazy person requests to?


One Comment on “Marriage Means You Have Someone to Take Your Crazy-Person Requests”

  1. Karen Janssen says:

    Treasure him!

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