The Worry Always Comes Out

On Wednesday we will be loading up yet another moving truck to make what is now becoming our annual move.  There’s a lot to be done before load up time:  Boxes to be packed, floors to be scrubbed, a location to recycle light bulbs to be found.  It’s a stressful time.  In the past, the stress of moving often reduced me to a crying pile of anxiety, but not so much with this move.  Don’t get me wrong, there have been nights when I tell my husband that I feel overwhelmed by everything, but this move hasn’t triggered any panic attacks and meltdowns.  It could be the drugs at work, it could be the fact that we’re returning to a familiar town, or it could be the fact that after three moves in three summers I’m finally getting adept at coping with these transitions.  Whatever the reasons, I’m happy to report that I feel somewhat emotionally stable for Moving 2013.

Well, emotionally stable as long as I’m conscious.  Sleeping has been a different story.

I’ve never been one to ponder the meaning of my dreams because they have always been fairly straightforward–I dream about whatever stressors are in my life.  In college I would dream about missing tests and forgetting papers.  While I worked at the daycare I would dream about loosing children.  The last couple of years I have dreamed about my nanny children when weeks have been particularly chaotic.  Since the beginning of July I have dreamed about moving.  And as irrational as my imagination can be during my waking hours, my unconscious mind can create some of the most unlikely scenarios:

The Not Packed Dream:  The moving truck had arrived and nothing in the house was boxed up.  I was frantically trying to shove things into boxes.  For some reason, one of my nanny children was with me so I was trying to teach him how to fold clothes to pack into boxes.  Since he was only 5 in my dream, it wasn’t going well.

not packed

The Search for Permanent Markers Dream, Part A:  I was searching Walmart (which looked oddly like Target) for permanent markers so I could label our moving boxes.  I searched and searched the aisles but couldn’t find them.  Oh, and I was on rollerblades and kept falling down.


The Search for Permanent Markers Dream, Part B:  I was again searching Walmart (which looked like Walmart this time) for permanent markers and still couldn’t find any.  This time I had a cranky child in tow, so I was literally dragging him through the store because he was on a harness.  I’m not sure whose child he was.


The Dual Parish Dream:  Somehow we had skipped fourth year completely and were trying to settle in at my husband’s first call, which was for a dual parish.  However, it wasn’t just that he had two churches, we also had two parsonages.  I was frantically trying to figure out how to split our belongings between two homes, frustrated because church members kept calling on my husband while we where trying to unpack, and devastated because we forgot our utensils at our farmhouse (and our utensils aren’t even that nice!).  Oh, and my sister was living with us for some reason.

dual parsonage

So there you have it, proof that the worry always comes out in some form or another.  The most stressful dream by far was the dual parish dream–I think my concern about the first call started showing in that one.  The dream that just makes me laugh is the thought of rollerblading through Walmart–I mean, really?  That’s just crazy.  At any rate, here’s hoping that a week from today the moving dreams will be gone. . . at least until next summer!

Do you have dreams about the stressors in your life?  How do you handle those dreams?  What has been your most amusing dream?  


One Comment on “The Worry Always Comes Out”

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