This Move is Like a New Pair of Running Shoes

This move has been an unusual experience.  I’m not sure how often people move back to a town only a year after moving far away, but this is the first time for me.  My husband and I created an even more unusual moving circumstance by returning to the same house and same jobs (my husband’s job is to go to school so he can graduate 🙂 ).  We even decided to continue worshiping at my husband’s former field work church this year.  Consequently, there is a sense of familiarity in our daily activities.

Of course, nothing stays the same, even for “only” a year.  Our house more or less remained the same, although there has been some touch ups here and there.  The two older farm cats are still hanging around, but our kittens from last year are gone.  My nanny family has an additional child now, so now I spend my days juggling the needs of two grade schoolers and a baby.  My husband’s field work church even has a new pastor now.  Of course, many of our friends are gone either on their calls or on vicarage.  So while our daily activities seem familiar, there are just enough differences to add a nuance of befuddlement.

I told my husband the other day that this move is like buying a new pair of running shoes in the same brand as trying new shoesyour old pair:  You know they will eventually be comfortable but they still need to be broken in.  For me, some of these changes will rub for a few weeks until I can get use to the differences. . . at least that is my hope.          


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