Taglines for Fourth Year

Soon the school year will begin, meaning that my husband will officially become a fourth year seminarian.  Okay, so technically this is his fifth year in the program, but for simplicity’s sake we just refer to this upcoming year as his fourth year.  After three years of observing other fourth year families prepare to take a call, we are now at the beginning of the end of our seminary years.

Of course, there are many things for us to do in order to make preparations for my husband’s call (God willing).  Likewise, since all of this planning and waiting comes to an intense end during Call Night, it’s hard to not feel that fourth year creates an emotional story.  The nervousness, the anxiety, the excitement, the ever building anticipation—it’s the stuff of dramas.  And since every good drama needs a catchy tagline, I’ve started to write down taglines for fourth year:

The last year of weekends:   After this year, Sundays will become a day of work for my husband.  That means this is the year for us to try to make the most of our weekends with trips and fun activities.


The last year we can pretend to know what we’re doing:  Let’s face it, after 3 years for me and 4 years for my husband, we have this sem. family thing more or less figured out (at least to the point where we aren’t feeling bewildered most of the time).  It will take a long time after this year to regain that sense of confidence.

knowing what we are doing

How many days until Call Night?  The evening that hangs over our head for the next 8 months, Call Night will give our future clarity again . . . or at least tell us where we are going to live.

when is call night

One more move . . . one more move:  I think I would scream if I had to any more than next summer’s move.

one more move

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!  So much to do, so many questions!  Will we even make it?!




What are your tagline ideas for fourth year?


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