My First Wisdom Tooth Removal

Today I get one of my wisdom teeth pulled.  I’m not excited.  Even though the tooth is quite exposed so I’m using local anesthesia, I have a bad history with oral surgery.  When I was in third grade, the dentist informed me I had a receding gumline.  This is a problem that typically occurs in the 60+ age group, but I received some bad genes from my parents that caused this problem extremely early.  While most third graders have baby teeth pulled and cavities filled, I got to have a graft stitched onto my gums.  Where did the grafted skin come from?  Why, the roof of my mouth.  Between the two shots of Novocain, the raw roof of my mouth, and the stitches in my bottom gums, this procedure hurt.  A lot.

Naturally, this wasn’t a surgery I had done once.  No, as with most wonky medical problems, it wasn’t a one-time ordeal.  I had it done 4 times between third grade and my junior year of high school.  Consequently, I hate the thought of needles in my mouth.  Not that anyone particularly enjoys a shot of Novocain, but I associate any Novocain with extreme pain for days.

However, this pesky wisdom tooth has been bothering me off and on since it erupted last fall.  Two weeks ago, it caused quite a bit of aching as it continued to grow.  I made a dentist appointment last week with the slim hope that something other than removal could be done.  There wasn’t.


So here I go on my day off to get a shot of Novocain and have the tooth removed.  Even worse, the closest Whitey’s is 6 hours away, so no consolation milkshake for me.  Hrumph.

Let’s swap dental horror stories!  What was your worst experience at the dentist/oral surgeon? 


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