Decorating for Only a Year

I finally finished putting up our remaining decorations on Wednesday.  Well, at least the decorations I intended putting up this year.  There is a box of decorations and some miscellaneous paintings sitting in my office that will not be going up this year.  I keep meaning to repack them. . .

Anyway, as I was finishing hanging the decorations, I had two reoccurring thoughts.  First:

stupid positioningSecond:

crookedOh well, I didn’t care that the pictures weren’t level and the decorations on the wall weren’t positioned to their full aesthetic potential.  It will all be coming down in 9 months.  This is how my decorating has been since getting married–haphazard because it was all going back in boxes soon.

However, it occurred to me that I don’t know how to decorate with the intention of living somewhere for more than a year.  Sure, I know how to get a house completely unpacked and organized in a week, but I have no clue how to arrange pictures and paintings in a way that I can stand looking at them after 3, 5, or even 10 years.  How do I shift my thought process from “Slap it up so it’s done” to “Let’s do this carefully so it doesn’t have to be redone”?

How do you decorate a house after moving?


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