5-Day Weekend Acomin’

One of my bosses told me yesterday that she is officially taking Monday and Tuesday next week off (she mentioned the possibility a few weeks ago).  Naturally, this means I have Monday and Tuesday off as well.  This also means that because I have weekends and Wednesdays off, I get a 5-day weekend.  It will be a much needed break for my boss, the kids, and me since our work schedules have been long and busy since I started work at the end of July (although both my bosses’ work schedules have been longer and busier than mine, so  I can’t complain. . .too much).

When I told my husband that I officially have Monday and Tuesday off, he just sighed and said, “Well, we just can’t win when it comes to vacation time.”  That’s true–it always seems like when one of us has too much free time, the other doesn’t have enough.  However, I merrily told him that I have big plans for my 5-day weekend.

Despite my awesome schedule of working two days and then having a day or two off, I’m always exhausted by the time I get to that day off (something I always forget about when making plans).  I’ll have a long list of things to accomplish during my free time, but all I really seem to do is this:

tiredConsequently, this 5-day weekend is going to be filled with all the little things that have piled up/never got accomplished when I started work.  Activities include:

  • Writing articles for upcoming newsletter
  • Reading for upcoming book club meeting
  • Updating car registration/driver’s license
  • Finding a new doctor
  • Going to the dentist
  • Patching clothes
  • Finishing unpacking/repacking boxes from our move
  • Cleaning off my desk
  • Tidying up the junk I have strewn around the house
  • Writing all the blog posts I have floating around my head
  • Writing/sending out update letters to our support congregations

Okay, so that list is technically what I wish I would find the motivation to do this weekend.  This is probably what I’ll actually do:



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