Waiting for a Call: The Official Start

This past Wednesday was the first orientation meeting for the call process.  Since I had the day off, I tagged along with my husband to hear firsthand what is going to happen during these next 8 months.  For me, I don’t have to do much.  I’ll fill out the call application with my husband and eventually join my husband at an interview with the Call-Organizer-Professor-Dude (I’m not sure what his official title is).  My husband has to deal with the brunt of the work–lots of paperwork, making sure all of his course work is completed, and passing his Theological Interview.  Since I’m a control freak, it’s a bit nerve-wracking that I have to quietly sit by as my husband does most of the work for the call process.  I’m putting my future into his hands (no pressure, Honey!).

As for how I’m feeling, I haven’t had a major freak out like I did during the start of the vicarage process.  Perhaps it’s the drugs doing their job, perhaps it’s that we’ve been through this state of unknown before and I know we’ll live through it.  Most likely it’s that I’m living in a state of denial and refusing to think about the stress of the upcoming months.  Part of me knows that if I really take the time to think about how scary the unknowns are (Where will we be living?  What kind of church will call my husband?  Will there be a call for my husband?!), I’ll do this:

what are we doingThankfully, I have a job to keep me busy.


One Comment on “Waiting for a Call: The Official Start”

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