How We Almost Burned Down the Farm

When we first returned at our farmhouse, there was a huge pile of wooden pallets on the burn pile.  Our landlord told us that he was just going to burn them but we could use them for a bonfire if we wanted.  My husband and I decided that sounded like great fun, so a couple of weeks later we invited some friends over for a little get-together.

The afternoon of our bonfire, my husband and I were studying the pile of pallets and discussing whether we should make the pile smaller.

not a good idea

My husband, most likely spurred by my teasing, decided to take my advice and left the pallet pile as it was.  However, we did conclude that the pile was big enough that we needed to start the fire before our guests arrived.  Consequently, we set out right after dinner to begin.

It took a few minutes for the fire to catch, but soon we had a cheery burn going.  Then the pallets really started to ignite, sending bright flames into the sky.  It was impressive.


We sat several feet away to watch our handiwork.  But then the fire got bigger.  Flames started rising higher and higher into the air and the intense heat made it impossible to get closer than 3 feet away.  I told my husband, “Well, good thing there isn’t any wind tonight.”  As I said this, bits of burning wood began to fall on the dry grass.  Fire started creeping toward the house and even worse, the old shed that is next to the burn pile.

We realized we had made a terrible mistake and that our innocent little bonfire was going to become a giant farm fire.  Fortunately, we were somewhat prepared.  By “prepared,” I mean we had a hose that didn’t quite reach the fire and a gallon bucket that looked miniscule next to the roaring fire.  We set to work trying to fight the flames.


Thankfully, despite our initial stupidity, we were able to wet enough of the ground around the fire to get it under control (and before anyone else arrived!).  Of course, because it was my idea to leave the giant burn pile as it was, I had to bear the brunt of the blame for almost burning down the farm.

the end


3 Comments on “How We Almost Burned Down the Farm”

  1. kathryn says:

    You are such an amazing writer, I love reading your posts, and I am glad the farm didn’t burn down. For the record, I would have done the same thing!

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