Update on the Countdown

Just to let you know, yesterday marked 6–6 months until call night, ah, ah, ah!


Apparently We Never Do Today What We Can Put Off Until the Last Moment

Admittedly, my husband and I don’t leave everything until the last possible moment.  We managed to get his call application in a few weeks before it was due.  However, there are many times that we put off chores we have time to complete, only to have a frantic scramble to finish them later.

Our most recent example of this has to do with our winter things.  We got a new comforter last fall and I decided that it should be washed at the end of every winter.  Since our comforter is very large and fluffy (and warm!), it requires a trip to the laundromat to use an industrial-sized washer.  At first I was going to do this before we moved, but then I had this thought:


Sounds logical, right?

Likewise, I bought a winter coat four years ago that needs to be dry cleaned.  Generally I’m fairly diligent in not buying clothing that needs to be dry cleaned, but this coat slipped through my rule.  Anyway, since I wore my winter coat consistently for 6 months (thanks to our never ending winter), it accumulated things like mud, dog slobber, and children’s snot on it.  It desperately needed to be cleaned by the end of winter.  Once again I was going to do this before we moved but thought:


Sounds logical, right?

At any rate, we moved at the end of July.  Even though my husband had 5 weeks off between our move and classes starting, more pressing chores and activities kept popping up.  Consequently, we didn’t wash the comforter or clean my coat during August.  Then classes resumed for my husband.  September passed and we still didn’t clean either item.  Then the cold of October blew in and we realized that we really wanted our comforter at night.  It took me a week after deciding that we needed to put the comforter on our bed to actually take it to the laundromat.

As for my coat, it was cold and blustery most of this week.  My winter coat finally made it to the dry cleaners on Friday.  It looks like I’ll be wearing lots of layers until I get the coat back because clearly, we never do today what we can put off until the last possible minute.

No Worries, Right?

Yesterday my husband and I had our placement interview.  For those of you who don’t know, this is when we meet with the Director of Placement and go over our call application so he can have a better idea of what we’re hoping for in a call.  Not only can my husband cross off one more thing on his “Call Checklist,” it also means my part in the call process is finished.  Consequently, this means I don’t have to worry about Call Night anymore. . .right?

yeah, right

You Know You Live in an Old House When. . .

You know you live in an old house when:

1.  You try to hang pictures on the wall, only to have chunks of plaster break off in your hand.  Oops.  


2.  You have a list of what kitchen appliances should not be turned on at the same time.  Otherwise the breaker might trip.  For us, we don’t use the microwave and toaster, the microwave and washer, and the microwave and coffeemaker.  Really, we shouldn’t use anything with the microwave.

tripped breaker

3.  The basement is incredibly creepy.  Seriously, our basement is more of a cellar and it looks like something out of a horror movie–cobwebs everywhere, a dark and dank atmosphere.  Of course, that’s were the breaker box is located.


4.  Parts of the house aren’t heated.  I’ve found one heat vent for the entire upstairs, so those rooms are freezing in winter.


5.  There are obvious signs of a different lifestyle built into the house.  We have a cupboard designed to hold flour.  Since I would never use that much flour before it goes bad, we store our cutting boards in that cupboard.  Likewise, we have multiple front doors.  My mom explained the reason for this to me once–something to do with parlor entrances.


Despite these quirks found in our old farmhouse, we love our home–it has character.

Do you live in an old house?  What quirks does your home have?

We Miss One Sunday at Church

Last weekend my husband and I were in Iowa for my sister-in-law’s wedding.  Consequently, we were not at our field work church on Sunday.  I assumed that we wouldn’t miss much in one Sunday , but I was only partly right.  Apparently last Sunday was the Sunday for important announcements concerning this week’s service.  Consequently, today our Sunday morning went like this:  Surprise, it is LWML Sunday!  Oh, and surprise, there is a guest speaker for Bible Study!  Oh, and surprise, there is a potluck dinner after Bible Study!  We were very confused when we arrived at church.

We also forgot that the big Fish and Tenderloin Dinner was this past Tuesday, but I suppose that was our own fault for not writing it on the calendar.

Excuses, Excuses

I was going to write a blog post this week.  It was going to be amazing.  But first I trouble coming up with an idea besides “Write about something amazing”.  I finally came up with an idea yesterday, but I couldn’t find time to write between laundry loads, packing, and having a “How I Meet Your Mother” marathon with my husband.  So I was going to write it today after work, but I got off later than I expected and had a nice phone chat with one of my best friends.  Consequently, it’s now 9:00 and I’m tired, so there’s no amazing post.  You get this bit of blathering instead.

*update*   I was glancing through my recent posts and realized I wrote like a slightly intoxicated person in this post–I told you I was tired.

Some Things Don’t Change

As I grow older, I realize that my reaction to tastes change.  Things that used to be unpalatable are now tolerable:

okay now

Other foods that used to seem delicious just aren’t as tasty as they used to be:

not okay now

However, I think I will always have the same reaction to cough syrup:

cough syrup

Seriously, cough syrup is disgusting!

Waiting for a Call: There Went September, There Goes October

time flying by

Monday was September 30, meaning 7 months until Call Night (but shhh, don’t tell my husband!  He told me I couldn’t update him on the countdown because it makes him too nervous).  I was warned by several wives that this year would fly by, especially since I’m working full-time.  They were right, September seemed to disappear and October will do much the same with my sister-in-law’s wedding next weekend and a 5-day work week at the end of the month (thankfully I have another 5-day weekend, otherwise I don’t know how I would find time to recharge!).  Since my work days have continued to be long, I don’t have time to do everything I’m supposed to do, much less fret about the oncoming call.  But don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll find time before April 30 to get in some good, solid freakouts.  Anyone want to join me?