You Know You Live in an Old House When. . .

You know you live in an old house when:

1.  You try to hang pictures on the wall, only to have chunks of plaster break off in your hand.  Oops.  


2.  You have a list of what kitchen appliances should not be turned on at the same time.  Otherwise the breaker might trip.  For us, we don’t use the microwave and toaster, the microwave and washer, and the microwave and coffeemaker.  Really, we shouldn’t use anything with the microwave.

tripped breaker

3.  The basement is incredibly creepy.  Seriously, our basement is more of a cellar and it looks like something out of a horror movie–cobwebs everywhere, a dark and dank atmosphere.  Of course, that’s were the breaker box is located.


4.  Parts of the house aren’t heated.  I’ve found one heat vent for the entire upstairs, so those rooms are freezing in winter.


5.  There are obvious signs of a different lifestyle built into the house.  We have a cupboard designed to hold flour.  Since I would never use that much flour before it goes bad, we store our cutting boards in that cupboard.  Likewise, we have multiple front doors.  My mom explained the reason for this to me once–something to do with parlor entrances.


Despite these quirks found in our old farmhouse, we love our home–it has character.

Do you live in an old house?  What quirks does your home have?


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