Apparently We Never Do Today What We Can Put Off Until the Last Moment

Admittedly, my husband and I don’t leave everything until the last possible moment.  We managed to get his call application in a few weeks before it was due.  However, there are many times that we put off chores we have time to complete, only to have a frantic scramble to finish them later.

Our most recent example of this has to do with our winter things.  We got a new comforter last fall and I decided that it should be washed at the end of every winter.  Since our comforter is very large and fluffy (and warm!), it requires a trip to the laundromat to use an industrial-sized washer.  At first I was going to do this before we moved, but then I had this thought:


Sounds logical, right?

Likewise, I bought a winter coat four years ago that needs to be dry cleaned.  Generally I’m fairly diligent in not buying clothing that needs to be dry cleaned, but this coat slipped through my rule.  Anyway, since I wore my winter coat consistently for 6 months (thanks to our never ending winter), it accumulated things like mud, dog slobber, and children’s snot on it.  It desperately needed to be cleaned by the end of winter.  Once again I was going to do this before we moved but thought:


Sounds logical, right?

At any rate, we moved at the end of July.  Even though my husband had 5 weeks off between our move and classes starting, more pressing chores and activities kept popping up.  Consequently, we didn’t wash the comforter or clean my coat during August.  Then classes resumed for my husband.  September passed and we still didn’t clean either item.  Then the cold of October blew in and we realized that we really wanted our comforter at night.  It took me a week after deciding that we needed to put the comforter on our bed to actually take it to the laundromat.

As for my coat, it was cold and blustery most of this week.  My winter coat finally made it to the dry cleaners on Friday.  It looks like I’ll be wearing lots of layers until I get the coat back because clearly, we never do today what we can put off until the last possible minute.


3 Comments on “Apparently We Never Do Today What We Can Put Off Until the Last Moment”

  1. kathryn says:

    love it!! of course I often find that the things I put off have no relationship to the time they could take to get done. Sure, I can understand putting off the major project of putting sod in the back yard, but putting off putting a 3 prong outlet thing in the wall, so that I don’t have to every day switch between the coffee grinder, coffee maker, and toaster? Really that took 2 years, so silly!

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