What It Takes For Us to Buy a New Printer

The “Why Do Today?” saga continues!

I got my first printer when I bought my computer in 2006.  It was a simple model without any fancy features.  It was AWESOME!  I printed numerous English papers and hundreds of pages of readings off of it in college.  My husband and I continued to use the printer after we got married.  I don’t think I could have chosen a better printer.

In the summer of 2012, my husband and I decided it was time to get a new computer before my trust desktop  from my college days had a chance to die (that computer was a good purchase as well).  We also decided we should replace our printer when we got a new computer.  It sounded like a good plan, but we never bought a computer that summer.

This past February, we finally pulled ourselves together and purchased a laptop.  “Great,” we said, “Now we can get a new printer!”  Weeks passed, we didn’t buy a new printer.

Then in April, my printer started to act up.  It would randomly decide not to communicate with my desktop and refused to print.  I had to restart the computer to get the printer to work.  After dealing with this a few times, I told my husband, “Maybe we should get a new printer before this one completely dies.”  Weeks passed, we didn’t buy a new printer.

In the beginning of summer, our ink cartiridge ran out.  When my husband found out I bought a new one, he suggested that we get a new printer the next time we ran out of ink.  I agreed that this sounded like an excellent plan since it would be after our move.  Sure enough, cartridge ran out in September.  We didn’t buy a new printer.

Later in September, we had a day that we declared that we were absolutely, positively going to buy a printer that week.  My husband found a model that fit our needs in the Best Buy ad and we said, “Yes, we are going to do this!!”  Saturday came and went and the sale expired.  We didn’t buy anew printer.

October came.  My husband started printing his confirmation worksheets and school papers at the school library.  I started printing coupons off at work (don’t worry, I was printing coupons for my employers’ shopping as well).  It took a little plan, but life withou a printer was working.

November arrived.  My husband realized that with the end of the quarter, he wouldn’t have easy access to the school library to print off his confirmation worksheets.  Ironically, my employers’ printer decided to quit communicating with the laptop, cutting me off from my coupons.  We realized that we needed to buy a printer.

Now I know that we could get by without a printer.  We could always pay to print at the public library.  But the money for a new printer had been sitting in our bank account for over a year–it would be silly to pay for printer use at the library.  So finally, almost 18 months after we initially decided to get a new printer, we went to Office Depot to purchase one.  It took less then 30 minutes to pick a printer.  We were $50 under budget.  It was painless.

I wonder why we waited so long?



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