Sometimes When I’m Morose, I Feel Silly

Yesterday I was working on putting away the autumn decorations.  After three years, I have finally collected enough fall decor for it to have its own box (I had been putting the autumn and spring decorations together).  This meant I could immediately close up the box for our next move.  As I carefully packed away the decorations, I realized with a jolt that I did not know where we would be the next time I opened the box.  We could be anywhere, I thought to myself, but it most certainly won’t be here in our quirky farmhouse.  Such sadness, such nervousness, such moroseness.  Blah, blah, blah, deep feelings of melancholy as I put the box into the storage room.

Then a half hour later I found some fall decorations that I forgot to put away.  I guess I will be opening the autumn box in our quirky farmhouse after all.  What a waste of a perfectly decent bout of gloom.




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