Anne Shirley on Being the Minister’s Wife

I recently read Anne of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and wonder why I haven’t read the book before now.  At any rate, Anne is a vivacious character who has no problem stating her opinions on any topic.  In chapter 21, she meets the new minister and his wife.  Upon coming home, she told her guardian, Marilla, this:

“And besides, we met the new minister and his wife coming from the station. . . His wife is very pretty.  Not exactly regally lovely, of course–it wouldn’t do, I suppose, for a minister to have a regally lovely wife, because it might set a bad example.  Mrs. Lynde says the minister’s wife over at Newbridge sets a very bad example because she dresses so fashionably.  Our new minister’s wife was dressed in blue muslin with lovely puffed sleeves and a hat trimmed with roses.  Jane Andrews said she though puffed sleeves were too worldly for a minister’s wife, but I didn’t make any such uncharitable remark, Marilla, because I know what it is to long for puffed sleeves.  Besides, she’s only been a minister’s wife for a little while, so one should make allowances, shouldn’t they?”

The good news for me:  I wouldn’t describe myself as “regally lovely”, nor do I wear puffed sleeves.  At least I’ve got that going for me!


2 Comments on “Anne Shirley on Being the Minister’s Wife”

  1. Rebekah says:

    I loooooooooove Ann of Green Gables. Well, I haven’t read or watched it for a really long time, but she always resonated with me.

    I am not a trendy dresser, but every blue moon when I get a chance to buy a new (and somewhat trendy) outfit for church, I always have a hint of guilt wondering if it is appropriate for the young pastor’s wife to wear such things.

    • Katrina says:

      I always wonder if it’s appropriate for me to wear skinny jeans with dress boots to midweek services. I still haven’t fully decided, but I’m leaning towards the thought that if anyone else my age showed up to church like that, people would be happy that a “young person” is coming to church. 🙂

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