Life With a Toddler and Dogs

life with baby and dogs


Perhaps I should be happy that occasionally someone listens to me?


2 Comments on “Life With a Toddler and Dogs”

  1. Rebekah says:

    Hehe….There is something somewhat insulting to be ignored by a little person who thinks they can survive on their own and not have to consider the adult who cares for them. I’ve heard it said that toddler’s are like mini-teenagers and I can see how that is very true.

    In my experience anyway, I’ve found the best way to handle toddlers who are throwing fits or are listening is to take some hug time with them. It makes us both feel better. Maybe tickle them, get them to laugh. Distract them from whatever it is that set them off, and start over. Doesn’t always work, but a lot of times it does.

    • Katrina says:

      Usually when this toddler is runs away when I call him over, he sees it as a game. Sometimes he is actually getting away from me, other times he just does a lap around the couch and then comes. 🙂

      I’ll keep in mind you’re advice about temper tantrums. Sometimes it’s so hard to be sympathetic and patient when a toddler throws a fit about something so stupid.

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