Waiting for a Call: March Update

It’s funny how two years ago I had already worked myself up into a tizzy about vicarage and now I barely think about call.  It seems me that I got my worry backwards.  You would think that I could keep calm about Vicarage Placement when it’s “only a year” and I should freak out more about Call Night since it’s more permanent, but that just shows you how illogical anxiety can be.

Don’t get me wrong, I do have some concerns about the unknowns of my husband’s call (God willing), it’s just that those worries don’t really come to the forefront until we know where we are going.  Consequently, the thought of Call Night doesn’t bring knots to my stomach because that evening will only be the beginning of the real stress.  Plus, work has kept me busy enough to not have much time to dwell on our uncertain future.

Still, here are some fun facts about call:

52 days until Call Night.

No, we don’t know where we are going.

We haven’t started packing, but our box room is pretty epic.



One Comment on “Waiting for a Call: March Update”

  1. that sounds gut wrenching! I hate not knowing!

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