And So It Begins



There’s no hiding from it now. . .

With only 6 days remaining until Call Night, it’s impossible to put it to the back of my mind.  Sunday is what I’m declaring the “Call Vigil”.  It’s the day that the placement director will make the dreaded phone calls to the candidates who won’t have a call on Wednesday night.*

After we get through Sunday, we’ll know for sure that my husband will have a call.  But where that call will be. . . we’ll find out sometime after 7 p.m. Wednesday night.

*Rumor has it that there are more calls than candidates this year–a good sign for a happy Call Night.  Still, it’s hard to keep the “What ifs” at bay.


Letter of Love to My First Child

Dear Baby,

When you are older (God willing) and you are questioning my love for you, remember that I gave up eating cake batter and cookie dough when pregnant with you.  Granted, I sincerely hope there will be more signs of my love, but this is a start.



love letter







Where I’ve Been

Some of you might have noticed that I haven’t been writing as much the last couple of months.  I promise I actually have a good excuse this time.

I’m pregnant!

For those of you who have been pregnant or have had contact with pregnant women, you’ll understand why writing has been nearly impossible.

For those of you less familiar with pregnancy, my time in recent months has been filled with:





Having emotional breakdowns


To be clear, Walgreens is about 5 minutes from our house.


Throw on trying to pull myself together for work and that doesn’t leave much time for writing.

Nevertheless, my husband and I are both very excited to become parents.  Plus, now I’m moving onto the “Hungry-all-the-Time” stage of pregnancy, which is much more fun.  Baby #1 is due to arrive around October 1st!