Countdowns and Checklists and Concerns, Oh My!

The last few weeks have been busy for my husband and me–hence the lack of posts.  There have been 4th-year banquets, lots of scurrying to prepare for our new lives in Iowa, and a seemingly futile attempt to continue our normal duties of our present lives.  All of this makes it a bit hard to focus.

At any rate, there are several countdowns running for us:

3 days until graduation

5ish weeks until we move

6ish weeks until my husband is ordained/installed

19ish weeks until Baby arrives

Of course, all these countdowns lead to many checklists:

Checklists for the graduation party

Checklists for packing and moving

Checklists for what we need to discuss with the congregation

Checklists for baby preparations

Then all those checklists lead to concerns and worries, like:

Oh crap, we’re having a party on Saturday!  How will we get everything ready?!

How do you move with cats?

How do you move when you’re 26 weeks pregnant?

What will this new church be like?

What if the people don’t like my husband?  What if the people don’t like me?  What if I don’t like them?

How do you find a new doctor when your current insurance expires at the end of June and you’re not sure what your new insurance covers?

How are we supposed to take care of a baby when we can’t even put up a Pack ‘n Play?

On the bright side, my nausea has fully subsided, so I can eat chocolate and drink coffee to make myself feel better.  And if you tell me I shouldn’t eat and drink those things because I’m pregnant, I’ll come and eat you.  So there.


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