How the Non-artistic Seminarian’s Wife Gets an Ordination Stole for Her Husband (Sorta)

At the beginning of this school year, I realized that I really shouldn’t put off thinking about getting my husband an ordination stole.  So one day in September, I set out to plan how to make sure my husband had a decent red stole for his ordination.  I immediately became confused and overwhelmed.

For the past 3 years, I heard wives talk about making their husband’s ordination stole for a gift.  This plan wouldn’t work for me because I don’t know how to sew (nor did I think learning to sew with my husband’s ordination stole was a good idea).  My next thought was to see about getting a nice custom made stole.  However, those options proved to be quite pricey.  My third thought was to ask my mom to make one.  I tried to find a good sewing pattern for a stole, but I can’t recognize a good pattern from a bad one because, well,  I don’t know how to sew.  I never got around to asking my mom about making a stole.

Months passed and soon it was April.  One night, I had a “Holy-crap-you’re-getting-a-call-and-we-have-so-much-to-do” fit and I finally admitted to my husband that I had no idea how to get an ordination stole for him.  My husband, being the rational person that he is, explained to me that he never expected me to make him a stole.  He then asked if I wanted him to figure out the stole.  I told him, “Yes.”

So, my husband set out to find himself an ordination stole.

Thankfully, one of my husband’s classmates had assumed that he would need to buy his own stoles for his first call (something that had never occurred to me) and had already searched for inexpensive stoles.  He pointed my husband to this website:

The site was the perfect solution to my husband’s stole issue.  Even though the site is designed for Catholics, some of the stoles were basic enough seem Lutheran.  Even better, the stoles were inexpensive.  And it turned out that the church that called my husband didn’t have stoles, so he needed to buy a set anyway.  Consequently, he was able to purchase a very basic set for less than $100.  Are the stoles the fanciest things you’ll ever see?  No.  Will the work well for a new pastor just starting his first call?  Absolutely yes!

Of course, now I need to think of a new gift for his ordination. . .

ordination gift

Where have pastors you know gotten stoles?  If you are a pastor’s wife, what did you get your husband for his ordination?    



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