Sneaky Moving Expenses

It’s no secret that moving is expensive.  Renting a truck (or hiring movers), paying for gas,  and setting up services at a new place are just a few of the costs that quickly add up.  This is our 5th move in 5 summers, so I like to think I have some idea beforehand about how much we’ll spend on a move (Thankfully, our last two moves and this current move is paid for by a congregation.  That means we don’t have to worry about paying for a truck and we get help with the gas money).

Despite my experience with both in-town and out-of-state moves, there are always costs that take me by surprise.  Sometimes they take me by surprise every year.

1.  Packing material

We’ve managed to save quite a bit of money over the last few moves because we hoard all of our boxes and any newspapers that we receive.  We still run out of certain materials–typically in the packing tape and bubble wrap departments.  Some things just need to be bubble wrapped and you don’t want to buy cheap packing tape only to have it not keep your boxes closed.  Packing tape costs even more if you aren’t able to keep your boxes intact between moves.

Boxes, Boxes, Everywhere

These boxes didn’t put themselves together last move.

2.  Food

I know that it costs money to eat on the road–that isn’t what I’m referring to.  In the last few weeks before a move, we start working on eating the things stored in the pantry and fridge.  The closer to moving day we get, the weirder food combinations we start having.  Finally, we just reach a breaking point.



3.  Cats

Admittedly, the cats are a new factor this year, but they are already proving to be an additional expense.  When we adopted our kittens, they were 1 pound balls of fuzz.  We bought a small carrier and they both fit inside it without any problem.  Then they grew, but we happened upon another small carrier at the Co-op.  They each fit in their individual carriers comfortably.  Then they grew.  Their small carriers are okay for a trip to the vet, but probably not so great for an 8+ hour car ride.  Consequently, we need a bigger carrier or cage for them and those things aren’t cheap.


Granted, we could always stick them in a cardboard box with some holes in it, but I don’t want them to completely hate us after the move.

These are the things that are already proving to be sneaky moving expenses for this move.  What sneaky moving expenses have you had?


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