Training Cats

Some people assume that while dogs can be trained, cats cannot.  However, this isn’t true.  While most cats may not be willing to learn tricks like “Roll over” or “Play dead”, they can be taught good behaviors.  It just takes some time, consistency, and a spray bottle.

Despite utilizing the aforementioned 3 things, our cats are still proving difficult to train not to sit on the table.  To be clear, we adopted these cats when they were two months old.  They have never been allowed on the table.  When we catch them jumping up, we squirt them with water.  And they certainly don’t like the water.

Regardless, a scene like  the following plays out multiple times a day in our house.  It’s been especially bad this week because they are fascinated with the beautiful bouquet of roses we were able to bring home after my husband’s ordination service:


cat on table

cat caught



Every time they get caught, every time they act like they weren’t doing anything wrong.  I’m beginning to think that we’re only practicing an exercise in futility rather than training our cats.


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