Box Hoarders Anonymous



Look at these boxes.  They are new, they are sturdy.  They have such good packing potential.

For the past three years, boxes like these would have immediately been stowed away for future use.  But I don’t need to do that anymore because there are no more moves in our known future.  They should go in the recycling pile (which is currently full of our other moving boxes).  And that should be a freeing thought.

Still, they are such lovely boxes.  It seems like a shame to just toss them away. . .

I think I have a box hoarding problem.


2 Comments on “Box Hoarders Anonymous”

  1. Rebekah says:

    One of the things I was taught in my pastor’s wives class at sem was to let the congregations members see you getting rid of all your boxes so they knew you planned on staying. It sounds silly now, but we tried to follow the advice at the time. Haha.

    • Katrina says:

      I think I heard that as well. My cousin also mentioned getting rid of boxes so she felt like she was staying and not just waiting for the next call.

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