Kitchen Adventures

Now that I have more free time than I often know what to do with and I’m not exhausted from chasing a toddler around half the week, I’ve been able to return to one of my preferred pastimes:  Trashing the Kitchen Cooking.

So what have I been cooking up the last few weeks?  A variety of things.  Some may call this “nesting”, but it’s hard to argue that some of the foods I’ve been working will really be useful after the baby comes.

I’ve been figuring out how to save and freeze fruits and veggies.  I wouldn’t recommend the technique I used for strawberries (they defrost with a very mushy texture), but the blueberries generally turn out well.

Our congregation members have already proven to be generous with their gardens’ bounties, so I’ve been freezing corn like crazy.  Likewise, we received a pile of cucumbers one day, so I made freezer pickles.  My husband and I opened the first container yesterday.  They don’t have quite the same crunch as pickles, but they have a pickley taste.  I can’t vouch for whether or not they taste good since I’m not a huge fan of pickles.  Also, onions were on sale at Aldi this past week, so now I have 3 pounds of onions to freeze.  I think the onions really throw out the whole nesting theory.


Additionally, I’ve started baking bread again after taking an entire year off.  Since the Kitchen-aid mixer recipe I use makes two loaves, one goes in the freezer while the other goes in our tummies.  And this morning I finally started making freezer meals for when Baby comes.  Well, I made a freezer meal.  Now we’ll be set for one whole day after we get home from the hospital!

If this sounds like a lot of cooking , don’t be too amazed–I have a lot of free time.  That, and I have a tendency to ignore things like the fact that the toilet downstairs really needs to be cleaned. . .

Have you tried anything new in your kitchen recently?



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