Fact: You Can Still Fall Behind Even When You Aren’t Working

While preparing for this recent move, I started making big plans about how I would use my time, especially before Baby arrives.  Since I only have a small writing gig that takes about a half-day’s work to complete (if I’m on task), I thought that I would never fall behind on my work.

I would keep a tidy house.  I would write on this blog 3 times a week, including a well-researched Introvert Monday post.  I would bake and cook delicious meals.  I would prepare everything for Baby.  I would be . . .

Super Homemaker

Of course, what I plan and what actually happens are generally two different things.  Sometimes I don’t focus on my work and fall into the abyss of the internet.  Sometimes Baby sucks my energy.  Sometimes I give into apathy and wonder what’s the point of maintaining an orderly house.  And apparently, sometimes I catch a horrible cold that makes me feel like I’m moving underwater right before I go visit my parents for the weekend, rendering me incapable of thinking prior to the trip and horribly behind on my projects when I get back.

The last reason is my excuse for the lack of posts these last two weeks.  But I’m almost caught up now. . . except that I need to start cooking dinner.


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