How to Tell Gender on Baby Clothes

This past week I have been trying to complete Baby’s wardrobe.  Since my husband and I decided not to find out the gender, I have been searching for gender-neutral clothing.  It’s been a harder search than I expected.   While baby-stuff designers have a wide selection of gender-neutral baby gear like strollers and bedding, they apparently aren’t very interested in designing gender-neutral clothes.  Sometimes the differences between boy and girl are extremely subtle, but they still sneak them in.

First, let’s talk colors.  White, yellow, green, light grey, and sometimes light blue are generally accepted as gender neutral colors.  Pink and purple are considered girl colors.  Black, blue, and dark blue are considered to be boy colors.

However, the color rules can be thrown out with the help of things like ruffles and graphics.

Take this basic onesie:


The blue would indicate that it’s a boy onesie.  However, if you throw on some ruffles . . .

girl onesie

BAM–Girl onesie.  Ruching has the same effect.

Here’s another example:

neutral onesieThis is a fine, gender-neutral onesie.  However, if you throw on a cutesy saying. . .

boy onesieBAM–Boy onesie!  Aside from the cutesy sayings, other graphics have a surprising effect on basic baby clothes.  Flowers, butterflies, and kittens indicate girl clothes.  Put on things like puppies, space ships, and any sort of machinery, and you have boy clothes.

Pants are by far the funniest article of clothing to have gender associations.  For obvious reasons, pink and purple pants are reserved for girls.  However, basic black and grey pants are still labeled as boy pants–unless you throw some ruffles on them.


Jeans work in a similar way.

Anyway, building a full wardrobe for our unknown-gendered baby has proven to be a challenge.  I’ve been buying quite a few boy clothes that I feel are basic enough to pass as girl clothes.  Don’t worry though, I have a plan to make any boy outfit into a girl outfit–hair bows!

But let’s face it, people don’t really pay attention to what a baby is wearing and give the baby whatever gender they want.

should be a boy


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