The Biggest Untruth of New Motherhood

I have been told many lies about raising Babykins.

Okay, “lies” might be a bit harsh–they are more like untruths.  Untruths stated with such certainty that it’s hard not to be crushed when they don’t happen.  Things like:

“Just wear her in a carrier!  She’ll be content and you’ll be able to get things done.”

“It’ll get easier at 6 weeks.”

“Nursing is great because you can sooth your baby.”

“Let sleeping babies lie” and “She can’t be hurt by crying.”*

Then there’s the biggest untruth of all:

“Trust you instincts.  You’re her mother, you’ll know what’s best for her.”

Because I don’t know what’s best for her.

I don’t know if I have an especially fussy baby or if I’m simply not coping.  I don’t know if she has acid reflux, gas issues, or typical baby tummy troubles.  I don’t know when she’s tired and hungry, tired and gassy, or tired and just won’t sleep.

The not knowing is almost paralyzing.  And that’s why yesterday–despite my nearly dry prayer life–I found myself crying while bouncing with a fussy Babykins on the exercise ball and begging God to have mercy on both of us.


*These may be true if Babykins wasn’t so small and gained weight faster.  


3 Comments on “The Biggest Untruth of New Motherhood”

  1. Rebekah says:

    I’m so sorry. I won’t add to the lies and tell you it gets easier. This is motherhood and it is a life of constant guessing and second guessing with a non-existent prayer life except for the calls of Lord Have Mercy.

    That being said, the Lord does answer prayer. It is the mother who typically needs to cry it out the most, let the wave of tears come, and somehow the strength to continue on will follow.

    This is a common age for tummy/sleep troubles as well as a common time for lack of coping on the mother’s part. I wish I had more practical advice for you but that has never been my gift. I simply have to learn to cope with it using thinking techniques, try to redirect my thoughts toward the Truth. The truth that children are a blessing from the Lord.

    Hugs ❤

  2. Rebekah says:

    and p.s. I always thought that wearing in a carrier bit was a bunch of hogwash. never could get anything done and there comes a point where you need a break from being attached to another human being. they are nice for walks, but not so much for housework chores. just my two cents.

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