Baby Gear I would Pay Good Money For

There is a lucrative business for baby stuff.  Despite new parents being told over and over gain that a good portion of this stuff isn’t necessary, most of us find ourselves wading through a sea of baby things once our little ones come home.

Before and After Baby

Some of these items are truly necessary–items like a car seat, a safe place for baby to sleep, a way to feed baby if breastfeeding is a struggle.  Some things are extremely nice to have.  Babykins sleeps peacefully in her swing during the day, so I am thrilled that we have it!  And some things seem silly in hindsight but are purchased in a fit of sleep deprived desperation.  That’s how I wound up paying $30 for a stuffed animal to help Babykins sleep.  It still hasn’t given me the peaceful bedtime I was promised.

Yet there still seems to be areas untapped by the baby stuff business; untapped areas that have items I would pay out big to have:

1. A cure for hiccups


Baby hiccups sound fun and cute, but Babykins has a tendency to get the hiccups when she’s tired.  Have you ever tried going to sleep with the hiccups?  It’s not easy!  I’m under the impression she’s not alone in this tendency.

2. A cart to safely put a car seat in and have room for your purchases

shopping cart

Because shopping with a baby isn’t hard enough, carts are designed to be anti-infant.  Either you put the car seat in the big area of the cart and have no room for anything else, or you carry/wear your baby.  The latter option is especially loathsome on the rare occasion that Babykins actually falls asleep during the drive to the store.

3. An easy-to-inflate/deflate exercise ball.

excercise ball

Our only guaranteed soother for Babykins when she hits complete meltdown mode is to put her in the Moby and bounce with her on an exercise ball.  This works well enough at home, but it’s too cumbersome and time-consuming to bring the ball with us everywhere we go.

4.  A pocket-sized nursing pillow

nursing pillow

Breastfeeding isn’t as intuitive as you might think.  Babykins and I still rely heavily on the help of a Boppy or pillows.  Again, this works at home but pillows just don’t fit into the diaper bag.

5. A pacifier hold-inner


While I have nearly perfected driving while reaching into the backseat to hold Babykins’s pacifier in her mouth, I’m hesitant to think that this is a safe way to drive.  Having a way to keep that stupid piece of plastic in her mouth would be FANTASTIC!

If you have heard of any of these items, please let me know!

What baby item would you pay anything to have?


One Comment on “Baby Gear I would Pay Good Money For”

  1. says:

    I loved this – brought back a lot of memories and trials/errors. I could give you an ideas of how to keep the pacifier in. For breastfeeding bring a small inflatible neck pillow. Blow up when needed – deflate when not. Keep writing and drawing!

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