A Pastor’s Vacation

It seems to happen to every pastor’s family at some point.  As a vacation approaches, death comes.

My husband has a conference at the seminary in Indiana next week.  Babykins and I were going to tag along and visit some of our seminary friends.  Technically, this is continuing education for my husband, but it was also going to be a vacation for our family.  My husband would get a chance to focus on studying and take a break from the daily grind of parish life.  I would have the opportunity to have rejuvenating socialization with people I’m comfortable with.  Perfect.

But a member has been fighting terminal cancer.  Last week my husband no longer referred to him as “terminally ill” but as “dying”.  By Tuesday, my husband had made his decision–he couldn’t leave for the conference.  We cancelled our trip.

The man died yesterday.  The funeral is on Monday.

Our family can’t complain about the cancelled vacation.  It’s a disappointment, but there are people in our congregation mourning the death of their husband, father, grandfather.

We’ll just count this as one of those “Quintessential Pastor’s Family Experiences”.


2 Comments on “A Pastor’s Vacation”

  1. Rebekah says:

    So sorry Katrina! I know that is so disappointing. Not that you asked for advice, but I just thought it important to say, because I know how these things can affect our hearts, know that your husband is so disappointed as well. It is easy, as the wife in this case, to be disappointed AT him. Instead, be disappointed WITH him. (haha. that didn’t exactly come out right) In other words, stay on his team. Be sad TOGETHER.

    • Katrina says:

      Thanks, Rebekah. I’m surprisingly accepting on not going on our trip. I find myself struggling more with not having my husband around much the last few days. :/

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