Preconceived Notions

There’s a saying about being a mother and father, “I thought I knew everything about parenting.  Then I became one.”  While I won’t admit to thinking I knew everything about raising a child, there are certainly some preconceived notions that Babykins has shattered.

One of these notions was that my husband and I would both be able to get her to sleep.  I heard women talk about how their babies wouldn’t go to sleep unless they did it.  “Ha,” I thought to myself, “My husband and I will both be able to put our children to bed.  We won’t train them to only rely on Mommy!

Initially, we shared sleep duty.  Sometimes my husband would get Babykins to sleep, sometimes I would do it.  She didn’t seem to care who was doing it as long as her belly was full.  It worked well.

At least it worked well until two weeks ago.  Suddenly Babykins started fussing every time my husband tried to put her down for a nap.  The fussing would increase to crying.  He nothing he did soothed her.  I would take over and she would immediately settle.  Then she started doing the same thing at bedtime.  We tried again and again to have my husband get her to sleep, but each time she fussed and cried until I took over.

The befuddling part of all this is how I get Babykins to sleep.  I don’t rock her.  I don’t nurse her (although she has started to fall asleep while nursing this past week).  I sit by her swing or Pack ‘n Play putting her pacifier back in her mouth whenever it falls out.


Obviously my husband is perfectly capable of this task.  I have no idea why she only wants me to sit by her side.

Babies are crazy.


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