Babykins’s First Cold

Poor Babykins.  It’s taken 5 months, but she finally got her first cold.  I suppose we should consider ourselves fortunate that it took this long since I’ve read that babies can get 7-12 colds in their first year, but she’s still been uncomfortable the last few days.

The problem with babies and colds is twofold.  First, giving cold medicine to infants isn’t recommended.  So, no help on the medication front.  Second, babies can’t blow their noses, making even the slightest congestion problematic.  This leaves my husband and me pinning Babykins to the ground and sticking the suction-thingy up her nose multiple times a day.  She’s less then thrilled with that ordeal.

While babies and colds inevitably collide, it’s still been a long few days for us.  We’ve been spending quality time in the bathroom with the shower running since I didn’t have the foresight to buy a humidifier until Babykins took ill.  Sleep is a battle since her poor nose is all stuffy (it’s incredibly difficult to suck on a pacifier when your nasal passages are stuffed up).  In a fit a desperation, I even stuck some breastmilk up Babykins’s nose this morning.  I feel like such a hippie.  However, she took a longish nap after that, so maybe there’s something to that home remedy.

At any rate, Babykins will bounce back soon enough.  Until then, we’ll carry on with the humid bathroom and suction-thingy technique.


One Comment on “Babykins’s First Cold”

  1. […] Between Babykins’s cold and the frigid temperatures last week, I hadn’t been leaving the house much.  Consequently, I could count on one hand the people I talked to in a week and a half.  I was getting lonely being cooped up in the house with a baby. […]

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