The “Lonely in a Crowd” Conundrum

Between Babykins’s cold and the frigid temperatures last week, I hadn’t been leaving the house much.  Consequently, I could count on one hand the people I talked to in a week and a half.  I was getting lonely being cooped up in the house with a baby.

(“But wait,” you may say, “Aren’t you an introvert? How can you be lonely?” Actually, it’s fairly easy for introverts to be lonely.)

On Saturday I realized that church was the next morning.  I would leave the house!  I would see people!  And then this happened:

going out


The End

It actually turned out to be a good Sunday for Babykins and me.  We stayed in the sanctuary for the whole service and caught the second half of Bible study–something that hasn’t happened since she was a month old.  


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